The following consists of a list of Georgia Tech resources which may be helpful to you. If you need a resource but are unsure of where to go, feel free to reach out to or any of our members and we can assist you. 

The following contains a list of resources specific to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion put together by graduate student, Brett Tregoning.

Academic and STEM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Reforms 

Anti-Racist Readings 

  • Resources for Racial Equity 
    The Office of Human Resources at Princeton has curated this listing of resources leveraging multiple sources (including Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein’s Anti Racism Resources). This listing also includes contributions by members of the Princeton community. This is not an all-inclusive listing, but rather a starting point. 
  • Shareable Anti-Racism Guide 
    List of anti-racist texts organized by depth, laid out for people approaching the issue for the first time. 
  • Antiracist Reading List-compiled by DES ECS (public access) 
    Resource from DEC Collaboration intended to educate and inform on how the impacts of racism, structural oppression, institutional and societal barriers to racial justice operate among our society. Material provides modes for understanding how these ways can be unlearned, called out and dismantled. Not an exhaustive list. 
  • Systemic racism in higher education 
    Open letter to Science Magazine. 
  • About being a Black Scholar 
    On recruiting and retaining black professors. 

Best Practices 

Disability Readings 

Educational Advancement/Outreach 

LGBTQI+ Readings 

Mental Health 

Programs for Minorities in Physics 


Women Readings